This diverse geographical and cultural landscape has given rise to a city-state with an incredible blend of modern commerce and traditional culture. The city-state is a highly developed automobile insurance market, receiving enormous annual turnovers. Auto insurance in Singapore comes with varied policy options and coverage options. It is essential to find online motor car insurance quote suitable for your needs. 

Ask Your Family & Friends for Recommendations 

If you are looking for car insurance tips in Singapore, you can turn to your friends and family for recommendations. Or you can also consider browsing through the Internet for auto insurance tips Singapore. However, if you want personalized car insurance tips in Singapore, you can do it the old-fashioned way – visit a car insurance company in Singapore and get quotes from them. A personal approach is always more reliable than relying on tips available online or off. You have to remember that these quotes are based on your individual needs. 

Singapore car insurance is generally not expensive, and this is one of the main car insurance tips in Singapore. In fact, this car insurance tip in Singapore is something that can be trusted by most car owners here. It is true that every car owner should have a valid car insurance certificate in order to drive his or her car on the roads. However, there are certain car owners who have yet to get their car insurance certificates, or even to have one when they are driving their cars. 

Car Insurance for New Drivers 

If you are a new car owner in Singapore, and if you have not obtained a car insurance certificate for your car yet, then you are probably thinking as to why you would need one in the first place. What is there to get insured? Isn’t driving your old car with a risk-free option? Well, car insurance tips in Singapore would tell you that your old car is more or less safe as far as its safety features go. However, there may come a time when you would want to replace it with a new one. 

Singapore car insurance companies generally offer car insurance to new car owners at the same rate as that of an older car owner. But when the time comes that you would want to get a newer car added onto your existing car insurance policy, then you will have to part with a percentage of the amount that you paid towards your car insurance. This percentage is commonly referred to as the deductible. This is the amount that you will have to fork out should you be involved in a car accident. Therefore, having a high deductible would allow you to save up on money should the need arise. 

Talk to Reliable Insurance Company 

When it comes to car insurance tips in Singapore, most people tend to think that the only way to get cheaper rates is by cutting back on their driving habits. This is especially advisable for those who own an older car as most insurers will not offer discounts on this type of car. However, you can always try talking to the insurers regarding your current driving habits and try to make some adjustments so that you are able to get lower rates. Some insurers in Singapore also offer a complete package that includes car insurance, car maintenance and road hazard pay. 

Do Your Research 

One of the common mistakes that people make when taking out car insurance tips in Singapore is failing to research the kind of car that they want to insure. For instance, sports car drivers in Singapore are usually offered higher rates compared to car drivers who own sedans. If you are planning on insuring a sports car in the future, then it is advisable that you conduct a thorough research on the market as to what kinds of cars are available that can meet your specific requirements. Moreover, you can always talk to the insurance company regarding your queries regarding car insurance tips in Singapore before finalizing on a deal. This way, you can ensure that you get adequate information regarding the insurance rates applicable to your car and can also get to know what kinds of discounts are in store for you if you take up a policy with the insurer that you feel is best car insurance in Singapore suited for your car. 

Have a Good Driving History 

Apart from gathering all the necessary information pertaining to car insurance tips in Singapore, it is also important that you have a good driving history. A car insurance provider will not give discounts to those who have been involved in car accidents in the past. However, there are companies in Singapore that offer such discounts to young drivers who have undergone driver’s education course. Moreover, those who install car alarms in their vehicles or use the car security system are likely to get lower rates. Other factors that affect your car insurance rates include the model of the car, the distance it has covered, the mileage, the kind of engine that you have installed and your age. 

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